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Chairman’s Message



It is my great pleasure to welcome you most cordially on the website of the East Riffa Sports and Cultural Club, as we are constantly embarking on the Club’s journey towards attaining the objectives of all segments of the community.

The priceless trust and unwavering support provided by the East Riffa members and supporters has undeniably had a great impact on me to take on more responsibilities with the help of God in order to best fulfill all fans’ aspirations of a sports club with a long-standing tradition of excellence and achievement.

The administration of East Riffa Sports and Cultural Club is undoubtedly always keen on following in the footsteps of the leaders, with a core focus on bolstering and unlocking the potentials of  sporting   thoughts, fostering channels of social and cultural communication, and promoting the overall volunteering spirit among various segments of the public, through which we seek to achieve the most eagerly sought after aspirations throughout all sports forums on a local, regional and global scale.

The Club’s management has left no stone upturned to harness its potential and synergies to ensure effective communication with a broad cross-section of community members by setting up a website to serve as a hub for communication between the Club and its fans on one hand, and a portal to learn about the various sports and cultural activities of the club on the other hand.

The public has a significant role to play in bolstering the Club’s journey in its pursuit of victory, through which we have our eyes set on crowning success in our sporting, cultural and social activities, raising the Club’s stature and pursuing its progress in response to our expectations expressed that man is an essential plank in these efforts, together with the ambitions of our sports’ unwavering and steadfast supporters and fans.

His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa 

 Chairman of Riffa East Club Board